Block the absorption of cholesterol
from dietary origins by up to 40%1

Are easily removed from the body
only 0.5 to 1.9% of the phytosterols are absorbed by the organism1

Lower the bad cholesterol 
by an average of 7.5 to 10% in 2 to 3 weeks2



Allow the absorption of phytosterols
by forming the micelles that will help pass through the intestinal barrier1

Are the major components of cellular membranes
and play an important role in the metabolism of lipoproteins

Source of essential fatty acids Omega-3
extracted from Columbus® eggs for an optimal absorption


SOLUCHOL is a dietary complement with a unique and original composition. Due to its combination of plant sterols and Columbus® egg's phospholipids, it can significantly reduce your cholesterol level in only 3 weeks.

A reduction of cholesterol

SOLUCHOL contains plant sterols that lower the blood cholesterol. The effect is obtained while consuming at least 1.5 g of plant sterols daily. High cholesterol level is a risk factor for coronary heart diseases.

An healthy approach

SOLUCHOL does not trigger any of the side effects linked to the use of statins (musculary troubles, lowering of coenzyme Q10, risk of type II diabetes,...) or any other treatment against hypercholesterolemia. SOLUCHOL is not intented for people who do not seek to control their cholesterol level.

An easy treatment

SOLUCHOL can easily be included to a balanced and varied diet, which include a regular consumption of fruits and vegetables to maintain carotenoids levels. The daily consumption of more than 3 g of phytosterols should be avoided.

A complementary effect

SOLUCHOL can also be used along with a statin treatment for a complementary effect.3 Patients following an hypocholesterolemiant treatment should only take SOLUCHOL while under medical supervision.


SOLUCHOL is based on the competitive absorption between phytosterols and cholesterol in the small intestine. The later is conducted through phospholipids micelles, which prioritize the phytosterols assimilation and therefore a decrease of the cholesterol uptake by up to 40%.1 Ensuing, phytosterols are much less retained by the organism than the cholesterol, with only 0.5 to 1.9% being eventually absorbed by the body.1 As a comparison, 30 to 80% of the dietary cholesterol is absorbed during a lunch without SOLUCHOL.4 Therefore, it is important to take SOLUCHOL during lunch and dinner, when the dietary cholesterol uptake is the highest.

Previous dietary complements composed on phytosterols were not efficient due to the lack of micelles forming lipids, which leads to a poor uptake of phytosterols. With its unique composition, SOLUCHOL also supplies the phospholipids that will form the micelles. By doing so, a phytosterol treatment is finally possible without the need to consume high amount of fatty substances such as margarines.





An attack phase of 3 weeks, to reduce the LDL-C level.

 During this phase, 4 pills of SOLUCHOL must be taken during mealtimes : two for lunch and two for dinner. 

It has been demonstrated that a daily consumption of 1.5 to 2.4 g of phytosterols triggers a decreaase of the LDL-C level from 7.5 to 10% under 2 to 3 weeks.2 According to a study, this reduction leads to a decrease of the coronary hear disease’s risk in the long term.5



A maintenance phase to stabilise the LDL-C level after the attack phase. 

During this phase, 2 pills of SOLUCHOL must be taken during mealtimes: one at lunch and one in the evening 

It has been demonstrated that the daily uptake of at least 0.8 g of phytosterols contributes to the maintenance of cholesterol level.6


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SOLUCHOL is a product designed and owned by Belovo Pharma (a division of the Belovo Group), and distributed by Vésale Pharma in Belgium and Luxembourg.